Work Accident Injury Compensation Claims

90% of workplace accidents are not claimed for because people are ignorant of their rights! Don't be another statistic, claim the compensation you deserve. At Fast Track Claims we can arrange everything you  need to ensure your claim is successful. Many people are afraid to claim compensation from their workplace as they are afraid of the consequences of taking legal procedures against their employers. Every employer in this country is required by law to take out insurance for its employees. If you have been injured at work due to your employers negligence, whether it is a repetitive strain injury, or an industrial disease such as asbestosis, you need to make a claim within three years of the incident or within three years of you becoming aware of the damage caused.

Types of Workplace Accidents

Any accident that happens in the workplace that happens as a result of somebody else's negligence can be claimed against. Examples are:

  • Improper training on machinery
  • Inappropriate protection from substances or machinery
  • Construction accidents
  • Office accidents such as slips and falls


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